Gardening: The newest additions!

Well, I did get around to going to the thrift store the other day and I got some bucket type things to hold my little veggies! The other week I announced I wanted to do a little veggie garden on my patio, and I am! Im very excited.. Anyway. Im pretty sure some on the buckets were like laundry basket type things, It looks a little funny really.. But whatever. It does the job! Haha. Im not really one for style anyway.

Well, I got them, the trotted off to Home Depot (think Bunnings.. on steroids!) which is like literally at the end of our street, {that in itself is a dangerous things because Im always coming up with new DIY projects for our house, mainly inspired by pinterest! Haha. Be real though, you all know what I’m talking about;)}

Anyway, point being, I got some soil and some kind of super grow tablets for the veggies. A few sundays ago I got around to planting them, with some help from my Brother in Law and cousin! The first two I have done are the tomatoes and cucumber. I have a little ladder for the cucumber to climd up, apparently its a vine! Who knew hey. Not me. So here they are.. In all there glory! photo-19 copy 7

Next up is carrots and lettuce! Im hoping to get a few little veggies before the summers out!! Ill let you all know if I do! Anyone got any good veggie garden tips for me?

Im not super 100% sure on what I’m doing.. Ha!


New Little *Veggie-Garden* Wife

One thought on “Gardening: The newest additions!

  1. hehe I like how it says “pint rest” instead of pinterest! Obviously you need to cut back on your drinking Sharniie! 😉 Hope your veggies grow big and strong, sounds fun!


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