Miss To Mrs: Fridges & Freezers.

Welcome back to my little series! {If you missed the first one, check it out here!} Im having fun thinking about and writing these, so I hope you are enjoying them!

I thought we would have a chat about fridges & freezers food. I am by no means an expert on these things, In fact, I’m a little terrible at them! Ha! But they are little things that are SUPER helpful. And make life a little easier. Lets start of with a few tips about fridges!


Clean them. A lot. I dunno about you.. But I end up with all sorts in my fridge. And food from.. Like.. three weeks ago. Oops. Also, when you clean them more often, you can see what you do have still and what you need to use up!

Store things in clear container: If you have them, store things in clear containers. It makes it WAY easier to see what it is and to see up the back of you fridges, cause you can see through them 🙂 Its super handy!!

Have a specific stop for everything: I mean, you don’t have to label every little inch, but have an idea of were things go. We have a place for the condiments, the veggies on in the veggie bin, a “defrosting” bin and other little spots things go in. Its super useful! You’re able to see if you have it and you can get it super quick to just grab.


Stock them: OK. There is like 15739 posts and e books and tips around about freezer cooking and whatever, Im not even going to go there. What I am going to say it STOCK. If you make something, make extra and stick some in the freezer for another meal. If you make homemade broth. Stick some in for later. See a good sale on steak, whack that up in there too. Its so helpful. Like. SO helpful.

Keep and inventory: Im laughing as I say this, cause right now mine is a little scrap of paper stuck to the freezer door. But hey, I didn’t say it had to be fancy;) Just jot down what you have in there and when you put it in. Its awesome to reference and see what you have. I hate rooting through my freezer to find the half packet of peas that I POSSIBLY have. And Im annoyed when I don’t find them after all! Haha. Its easy; write it down.

Keep Flour in the freezer: I learnt this one from my mumma! We had an awful time with weevils the other month, and I was SO glad I had my flours in the freezer. Things like flour attract weevils and little bugs. Stick them in the freezer so they can’t get at ’em. It doesn’t change the flour at all. And then you don’t have any nasty little bits of.. extra protien.. In your cake! 😉

I know these are simple, but thats the best part ! {cause, quite frankly, who has time for ridiculously  complicated ad expensive things!} If anyone else has any good tips, comment below!

Next week we will be chatting about Food. Yum. See you then!

New Little *Miss-To-Mrs* Wife

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