“Welcome, what can I get for you today?”

So. Having started my new job, I have a few tips for people regarding “niceness”. Anyone who has ever worked a customer service job will know what I mean when I say that little things really help us and are SO nice an refreshing.

So, here are a few tips about what to do AND NOT do at a dive through window:

DO: Say Please and thank you. Its SO nice. And we feel appreciated. Its so nice to have a polite person!

DO NOT: try to convince me of something we DO NOT Sell. Anyone who works at a fast-food/store job would deal with this. If we don’t sell it, we don’t sell it. No amount of talking, complaining or annoyed sighs is going to change that. And I didn’t pull it off the menu, so don’t yell at me either. Haha!

DO: Look at me. Don’t just stick your hand out the window and thrust things at me. Look up and smile. If you wanna be extra sweet, say hey!

DO NOT: Throw trash or things out of your car. Keep it clean guys. Love the earth. It doesn’t want your trash either.

DO: Remember we are humans too.. And most of the time the things you’re annoyed about, we are annoyed about too!!! And WE still can’t do anything about it.

Anyone got anything else?


New Little *Thanks-For-Coming,-Have-A-Nice-Day* Wife

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