Get Cleaning

Today I spent a good 3 hours at work just cleaning. Cleaning windows, doors, chairs. Everything. I’m not someone who you would describe as a neat freak. And when I was younger my bedroom was not the.. neatest.. place in the world. {I would like to think I have developed SOME good cleaning habits by now!!}

Anyway, Something that struck me, as I was scrubbing away, was just how much better everything looked with some “elbow grease” and a simple scrub and wipe. How clean and new and good it looked. It was really quite a massive change.. Which got me thinking then, to how much better our lives would be if we gave everything in it a dust off, a wipe or a good scrub.

How much better would our relationships be if we gave them the same “clean” and put in that time and “elbow grease”? How much better our thoughts and emotions if we put a little time into “wiping” away all that negative “dirt” and making our thoughts sparkle? How much better our spiritual walk if we took the time to be “washed” by the word of God?

Its funny how sometimes we are so focused on cleaning the outside, Our houses, our cars or our clothes that we forget to “clean” the inside, Our thoughts, our emotions, our relationships and our spiritual life. Strange, how sometimes we forgot what side is more important.

So, next time you clean somethings, maybe its your kitchen, remember, clean the “inside” as well as the “outside”. Give your thoughts a good “sort”, a relationship you have a but of “elbow grease” and your spiritual walk a good “wash”.


New Little *Cleaning* Wife

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