Miss to Mrs— “Dont Stress About…”

Welcome to my new E series! This is the first post in this series, and I thought I would start with a post on what NOT to stress about. I know that sounds funny, but when you get married, and you start setting up a house, you start stressing about.. things. Just little things.

So, Here’s what to let go..

Setting up costs for your house – When you get your first little place, and start setting it up, it get expensive. You have to stock your pantry with staples, buy cleaning products and households things like a trash bin! Not to mention furniture! There are cheaper ways to do it, like thrift shopping {which I love!} but there really is no way around this one, its gonna be a bit of money. So don’t stress. Do what you can with what you have.

Things not going the way you want – Ha. Anyone who knows of, or has heard, of our several weddings and various living place, knows that things didn’t always go to plan for us! In fact, I’m not sure things ever really go to plan for anyone. And that’s more than ok. Don’t stress about everything being a certain way, because, chances are, it will end up nothing like what you thought! Just know that there is One person who has it all under control.

Differences – This seems funny to point out, but, people are different. And they like different things, or do things a different way. And that, too, is perfectly fine. Don’t stress that your spouse is different than  you.. Its a good thing!!

That the way your doing it is “different” – Your marriage and the way you do things, is going to be ridiculously different from the way others do theirs. Its because you have different people in it. {I know, Im smart!!} Work out what works for you guys, and do that. And sure, you get ideas off people, or read up on things, but at the end of the day, it had to work for you, and what you need. So. Don’t stress if its not entirely the same as others!

I hope these small things were helpful. Any others anyone else would add to this list?!


New Little *Dont-Stress* Wife

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