Veggies: I wanna grow them.

Its been a busy week here. We have both been working tons, had a few family & friends over and a nasty cold thats been hanging around. Also, for those of you who are into the weather {mainly my Dad;)} Its ben raining! Which is SO rare, and SO nice. Thanking God of such blessings. Since its been raining, and I have been out in my little herb garden, which is going well! I have been thinking about planting some veggies in my little space. I read somewhere {prob. pintrest!} that you can plant little veggie patches in bug tubs, washing baskets and boxes! Which was super cool!! Im all for having some fresh, organic veggies from my little yard! Im thinking I’m going to plant lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes first, since * Apparently* they are easy! Since I haven’t completely killed the herbs, I figure ill give it a shot!

So, today, I wanna ask for advice! Has anyone ever done gardening like this, on a tiny scale?

And what tips can you give!!??

Ill update you all on how it goes!


New Little *Veggie-Growing* Wife

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