This ones for my Mum….

It had been a killer day. Long. Tiring. I was sore. And I just wanted to sit down, for five minutes, with a cuppa and a book. Seth was working til 8;30 that night. And I was planning to just chill as soon as I had walked home. As I was walking, on this fine day, thinking about the lovely rest that awaited me, just beyond the hill I had yet to trudge up, I grew excited. {Which goes to show the power positive thoughts can have.. and the thought of a good cuppa;)}

So, I made it. Entered. And was deflated. There was copious amounts of laundry yet to be folded, the dish were STILL in the sink, and our bedroom.. well.. I kinda just shut the door on that one! Dang. Looks like its still the same as I left it. Horrid. Shame.

And the a thought slugged me in the head.

Man. Mum’s are awesome aren’t they!

I mean. Seriously. How in the WORLD do they do it? How do they do it all. Work, clean, have a dinner {thats more than just cereal!} ready for everyone to eat, clean clothes for us all to wear and manage to not kill one of their little terrors Blessings all at the same time!?

I dunno about yours, but mine is awesome. She does it all (and still manages to have time to listen to me waft on about some rubbish when I call her!!)

So Mum’s. We love you. We do.

And further more, we remember.

We remember every time you stayed up with us when we were sick. Rubbing our backs and pulling our hair back.

We remember how you used to tuck us in at night, all snug in our newly cleaned sheets.

We remember the times you drove us ridiculous distances for some sporting event, or some crazy get together.

We remember the times you sat in our school hall for 2 hours just to see us sing for that 30 seconds.

We remember all those 129456 house tips you told us, and they come in handy SO much.

We remember the times you drove to that random place 1 hr away, just so we could get out L hours up.

We remember the times you put down your book, for the 7th time, just to listen to our rants.

We cherish the moments you spent chatting to us while we both cooked.

We remember the kisses, the cuddles and the laughs.

And we remember, cherish and are so in awe of the love that you shower on us.

Every day. Every moment.

So, Mum’s, if you are thinking its all for nothing, its all to much, or feeling over looked, please know that we love you, are so blessed and thankful to have you and are the people we are BECAUSE of YOU!

We remember it all. And they are, without doubt, the best memories.


New Little *Mumma-Lovin’* Wife

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