Meal Planning: My trial.

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I was going to trial meal planning this week and see what I thought.

So, here is the verdict: I love it!

It saves a ton of time at the end of the night, and the stress of wondering what to cook. Plus I find I can make more meals and go longer between shopping trips! Since know exactly what I have, and have ideas of what to cook. Although, I must say, I do it a little differently than the traditional way. I go shopping on my usual day {which is wednesday, double flyer day;)} and get whatever vegetables and fruits are on sale. {I do get some things every week, like carrots, lettuce, tomato}

After I have gone shopping, I bring home all my stuff and THEN plan my meals, based on what I have. I found that when I did it the other way, I planned way more creative { & expensive!} meals, plus I like to buy whats on sale and in season!

I do have an “ideas” meal list with staple meals we like, that are easy to cook & pretty cheap, which helps give me ideas and inspiration. My meal plan is very loose, and totally able to be changed. I don’t sit and plan it all meticulously! Its nice to have SOME idea of whats for dinner each night though! I do try and cook a new recipe every week to give us more variety {and Pintrest is way too addictive!} Haha.

Anyway, If anyone has any other tips or tricks, let me know!


New Little*Meal-Planning* Wife

Since I like meal planning, and I’m going to continue to do it, I’m making a meal planning sheet, along with a master one! Ill post them up here when I have them finished!!

One thought on “Meal Planning: My trial.

  1. I have started meal planning too Sharns and it’s the best! 😄 hope that roast chicken worked out the other night!


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