One year in our humble abode…

This week marks one whole year since we bought our little place. Crazy. Its flown.

In that year we have had over 25 people stay and celebrated our first anniversary, both our 21st and done a few things to it! Crazy. We love our little place.

Right now we are in the middle of putting up some things.. I was SO excited to put these up.. Guess what they are for?!


Also, we are putting up a photo frame collage in our room.. Currently we are half way through.. and staring at blank frames.. BUT we will get there;)

Anyone got any good ideas of what we can put in the middle of the wall? I was thinking a T? Or an S?


We have a lengthy list of what we want done.. And hopefully will get to a few more done this summer. We seem to get the most done when Dad comes {And helps 😉 Haha.

So, Happy anniversary to our little place! Cant wait for all the memories still to be made here:)


New Little *Happy-1st-Year-Home!*

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