A BIG mistake…

If you are learning another language, please, take note.

As I have said, I’m learning spanish, but up until last week my only spanish words were Hola, Graisas and si {Which is Hello, Thankyou and Yes!}

Well I had someone come in who tilted their head and asked SOMETHING in spanish. Now. Not wanting to be rude, and thinking I could get buy with hand signals I answered a happy Si!

People. NEVER say a blind “yes” to questions you don’t know about, ESPECIALLY IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE! {Im not even sure why I had to type that, it seems pretty simple!} I do NOT know what I was thinking.

What happened was a little intense. There was massive amounts of words, none of which I understood (Apart from ketchup!) some confusion and much laughter.

And thats when I was told what she actually asked me, which was…

“Do you speak spanish?”

The answer to that would be a definite no!


New Little *SI* Wife

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