Seth and I have been going through proverbs in our bible readings this month.. And there is something that I loved about reading the last few chapters, and thats the thought that God has a plan.

There is so many times verses like “many are the plans of a mans heart, but its the Lords plans that prevail” appear! {Every time I see a verse like that I colour it in!!} And I Just LOVE knowing that.. But, being honest sometimes I don’t .

Sometimes, when I’m planning away, and working things out, I want it to go a certain way, Or I have a plan that I think will be good. And all of a sudden it gets changed, and re changed, and then it stops, and gets turned upside down. And in the end it looks NOTHING like the first plan I had!! And while I’m going through this, to be honest, I’m annoyed. I have NO idea whats going on and feel out of control  {Funny- Cause who said I controlled anything anyway!? Haha!}

But you know what, at the very end, looking back, its ALWAYS better than I had in mind anyway. The way God works it out might be confusing, and hard to get, in our little picture, but its ALWAYS better than mine. And I know its always going to be.

And I love knowing that when my world is spinning out of control, and things seem crazy, and there have been way more No’s than yeses, that someone has it under control. And not just Someone. God. My God. My big, powerful, world forming, deeply loving, beautifully tender God.

And he has a way bigger picture than my tiny one, and he has way better ideas and plans then I could ever imagine. And, Man oh man, I love Him. And I love how he dose that. How, in the middle of everything, He calms my little storm.

Thankyou, Lord God, for you never failing love and your beautiful plans. May I always see that your plans are better than mine, and you timing is perfect. Im so thankful you always calm my storm. May I always be seeking you, And only you. Amen.


New Little *His-ways-are-better-than-mine* Wife

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