The First Week..

I announced last week that I had got a job! {Which has been keeping me super busy this week!} And I thought I would just stop by real quick and tell you how the first week went, incase you wanted to know;)

It’s been super fun!! Busy, and I have learned a lot, but so fun! Everyone is super nice and friendly.. And I have added to my spanish a lot already! I now know how to say Scissors, scales, how are you?, Very good and would you like cheese?.. The latter has been super helpful! Haha! Im so excited that I can now say more than hello and thank you! So much so that I insist Seth and I speak what {Little} we know I home. { I say I’m just so used to it know I do realise :P}

I totally rocking the bright red and black uniform too.. {Reminds me of my primary school days at Grays Point!}


Anyway, Im looking forward to learning more things, spanish and meeting new people!


New Little *One-Week-Down* Wife

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