Meal Planning Trial #1

Meal Planning. Do you love it or hate it?

I have read a lot about it lately and was wondering if its really worth it. I asked on my facebook page and a few people said they do it and love it. I know some that tried, and didn’t like it. Or some people that think its not worth the time ect.

But I have never done it, so, i’m going to this week!! I have sat down and planned out all our meals and have made a list of things we need to buy. Since we have a pretty strict budget, I have tried to keep it as easy and simple as possible. {Read: Its mainly beans, rice and some salad;) Haha.. That’s fine thought, right!?}

So, I’m going to have a go at it this week, and see what I think. And what all the fuss is about. Ill let you know how I go and the pros and cons! I hope it all works out! Haha. If you have any tips, tricks or really want to know what meals I have planned, please let me know!!

Here goes!


New Little *Meal-Planning* Wife

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