News: New Job.

Its about time I told you all….. I have a job! Its just a part time one, which is nice! I have been there about a week. So, were is it.. well…. Its at Carls Jrn.

And for those of you who don’t know what that is, think of hungry jacks and you’re kinda there 😉 Believe me, the irony was not lost on me { or my family!!} that myself, who is a gluten free vegan, is making burgers and chicken wraps at a fast food place! We all kinda think its hilarious!

Its actually been really fun so far! I am the only Non spanish speaking person there, so thats kinda  funny too.. Although the cooks at the back are teaching me.. One word at a time! They laugh every time I say something.. I think I’m butchering the lovely spanish laungaue with my accent!! Haha.

So far I have Hello, How are you, Thank you, Please, Large Fries and Small fries down pat! Well, I did yesterday.. Im hoping I remember today;)

Anyway, I’m hoping to improve my skills in spanish… and I guess meat grilling this summer! Ill let you all know how I’m going!

Im off to get frying 😉


New Little *Working* Wife

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