As an activity at our youth group, we make these little “verse cards’. The kids learn the verses each week and say it to us each youth class. And they get points. When they reach a certain amount we are going to take them to Pattersons donut corner. And for anyone who has had something from there, you’ll know how good it is! They are delicious.

Anyway. That is a long way of saying my newest homemaking thing.. Making verse cards! Its super fun, a good way to learn verses and SO comforting.. Because sometimes you’ll be down, or annoyed, or happy or dealing with life, and a verse you have been reading will come into your head and just remind you of the bigger picture! So awesome.

So I thought I would start putting up the verses here. I made them into sheets, and a print them off and laminate them and stick them up around the house, in my handbag, anywhere really! So nice to meditate on during the day! Use them however you would like too! And let me know if you come up with any cool uses or ideas!

The first sheet of verses are ones about hope. There are SO many awesome verses about it {Im making another page actually!} But I felt like Hope was such a good place to start, because without it, what do we have? And how awesome i it to think about the amazing things God had in store for us!!? Gosh. I just CANT wait!

So, I hope you find them helpful! Look out for the rest! Ill keep putting them up here!


New Little *Hopeful* Wife


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