Saving Jars.

A while ago we have months and weevils ravish our pantry. And it was so annoying. And terrible. Awful things. There are a few things I hoped would have missed the ark… Alas.

Since then we have tried to have our good in glass jar for higher seal and better protection. Which works well. But, they are ridiculously expensive. Since I love jars, but am poor, I wanted to find a better way.

So, I started saving the glass jars things came it! And its awesome! If you clean them out right and you only save good quality ones with good lids, it works super well. Its pretty easy to get the labels off and clean them up. Use a bit of hot water, vinegar and some eucalyptus oil and they just peel off. I tend to soak mine for a while to make it easier.

If we loose the lids or something we use the jars for drinking glasses and smoothies. {Plus I have saved one for a vase once;) It looks super cute!}

photo-19 copy

I did buy over a GALLON of pickles at costco for the glass jar.. It took us a while to eat that many pickles.. and I think Seth thought I was a little crazy:P Just gotta clean it out and I have a jar for my rice! Yay.

Anyone else got any do this also? Or got anything they save?


New Little *Jar-Saving* Wife

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