This one is for a beautiful bottle of Peppermint Essential oil. Since i’m into oils, I thought I would do a giveaway with a bottle. And I choose peppermint, because it is like the most important oil in my life right now! Haha. It seriously saves me daily.

These are a seven of the things peppermint oil helps with:

Headaches. This is a massive one. If you suffer from headaches, like me, rid a tiny drop on your temples, behind your neck and on your scalp, and it helps so much. It actually takes mine away! Stomach cramps & general tummy help;) Just slather that oil right on there, and it works wonder. Energy. Breathe it in and it helps boost your energy levels and mood. I have mine in the morning to help wake me up. Pain. Peppermint is a natural pain killer! Congestion. If your a little stuffy, breather it it and it helps clear you all out! Nausea. Helps with motion sickness, morning sickness and general nausea. Cooling. This is one seth loves. Put a very few drops in a bottle of water and mist on all over.

So. To enter, If your on Facebook, head over on my page and like it, and then comment as to what you would use it for the most. If your not an Facebook, just comment below!

Winner will be drawn on April 12th! Good luck!


New Little *Oil-Giveaway* Wife

If you would like to learn more about oils, Let me kno

5 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY.

  1. Peppermint oil is also good for repelling spiders if you spray around perimeter of your home! Haven’t tried it… But I want to! 🙂 love your little blog


  2. I’d use the oils for the energy and the morning sickness haha just kidding on the second one 😉 maybe even the cooling after a nice long walk. Hope I win!👍I’ve never used essential oils


  3. I’d definitely use it for energy!! Because I have 3 little energy- sucking cuties running around me all day long 😉


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