April Attitude.

So, This month I’m going to have a mission. And its going to be about changing my attitude. And Ill tell ya why.

Know, I don’t know about you but the other day I was taking stock of my thoughts, and my life { sounds all very deep doesn’t it.. Ha!} and I realised, I was mostly thinking about negative things. This kinda surprised me. And I thought to myself, Well thats stupid! Why should I be so negative! {And don’t get me wrong, its not like I was moping around and crying, or even being sad all the time!}

But I caught myself a few times thinking things about me, or people, places or life in a negative way.. And that kinda surprised.. well me! And I realised that when Seth came home, often I was start with the BAD things about my day rather than the BRILLIANT. And that when someone asked me how I was, It was always, “well, we have been crazy. Half a million things to do, theres not enough time, so & so did this, and forgot that, blah blah blah.”

So I thought, Hold on a sec here. I have GOT to change that.  And so Im going to try. No. I am GOING to change it.

Enter: April Attitudes.

For the month of april, I have set myself a little challenge. Im going to become more positive. Im going to start with the brilliant and maybe say two of the bad. Im going to tell people I’m doing awesome, because I’m alive and well and its been amazing weather, altho we have been busy, but thats ok. Im going to seek to find the beautiful, not the boring. See the Good, not the bad, See the glorious, not the glum.

And that doesn’t mean if I have had a bad day, I can’t tell somebody. It just means I have to do it in a way that’s not so negative. And if I am mad, or annoyed, to think about if its really important. Because often the things we get hung up about, are, in the end, so ridiculous.

So. Here I go, On this journey, trying to be brighter, happier and way more positive. I totally invite you to join me if you would like! Lets help each other out!

There is a beautiful verse i’m going to share, because, on this first day of april { & of my mission!} I think its going to be so encouraging.

Finally, Brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, is there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.                                                                                                      Philippians 4V8


New Little *Attitude-Changing* Wife

If you would like to take the challenge with me, comment below and we can do it together! Plus, offer up thoughts, advice, suggestions or help. I would love to hear it all!

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