Dishwasher Discoveries…


Flamin’ brilliant when they work. Stupidly annoying when they don’t.

And mine, unfortunately has been the latter. Its never worked amazingly, to see its worked alright would also be an overstatement. And it was too the point were I would have to wash the dishes and then put them in the dishwasher and then rinse them when they came out.And that totally defeats the purpose of a dishwasher!

It went through a stage were it would actually make things dirty, instead of clean. I would put them in rinsed and clean, and they would come out with stains and food. Ew. Nice one, DW.  Like this lid,which was placed in relatively clean. photo-19 So. Annoyed. I tried new things. Changed washing detergent. Added rise add. Ran a few cycles with nothing. Got Dad to check the traps. Still. It was winning.

Then, frustrated, one morning, I tried the winning thing. Those with dishwasher that as just as irritating, take note.

In the little flap next to the main detergent, there is a spot for a pre wash thing. {While, thats what mine looks like!}

In that, add..


Seriously. I should have thought of it sooner. But it honestly make the world of difference. They come out nice and clean and shinny! YAY!

My DW has been upgraded. Its now flaming’ brilliant.


New Little *Vinegar-Is-Awesome* Wife

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