Budget Plan

I tried, honest, to find a budget sheet which I understood. Most ones I looked at were so confusing, and not even close to relevant to me. And there were ones were all you did was write down an amount and thats its. What? I wasn’t even sure how that worked..

I was so confused and a little annoyed. So. I made my own. And here it is. Its super simple. And kinda bare. But it works. And I love it. More to the point it takes me like five minutes to fill out for the fortnight  (we do it every two weeks). There is no spreadsheets and codes to use and you can print them out and use. I like having paper copies to look at (and keep me on track 😉 Plus I keep them in a folder so I can see what I have been spending and were everything is going. Which is awesome!

So. I thought yo might like to see it. Im working on upgrading it. And making it a little prettier. Cause, that super important too;)


Its pretty easy to use, and super self explanatory. I only added the bills we pay each month. But I write down extra things under neath the main ones.

Anyway. Do what you want with it. And I’m open to suggestions to make it better! Hope you guys like it!


New Little *Budgeting* Wife


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