Growing is important. In all areas of life. Although, some of us didn’t make it super far in the physical height department.

But it’s hard to make sure you keep growing, and even harder to stay on track. So I made a Growth Sheet. Each week I decide on what I want to work on and write down all my desired things, and then try and do them. The latter really is the hardest part! Although, when I look back and see what I have done and how far I have come it really is an awesome feeling, and it makes me happy and encouraged.

So, I thought you might like to take a peek at it. Its not very exciting, or even pretty. Its just simple, cause I’m a simple kinda girl. But it works. And I like it.

You can add or change anything, make it work for you. But try it. Try working on growing. Its fun.

GrowGoals copy

Most of the categories are self explanatory. The Personal is for anything you want to work on, could be your house, the laundry, or becoming more gentle. The spiritual might be doing all bible reading every day and learning a psalms 1 by heart. Relationship for things like date nights or reading time together, but dose not need to be just your significant other, could be spending time with a friend, or visiting someone in hospital. And physical for working out, or eating healthy or taking time for “down” time. I do wish you could write down height.. and then make it happen. One day… 🙂

Anyway. Take a look. Tell me what you think!


New Little *Growing* Wife


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