I love to make lists. It keeps me on track and helps me remember what I have to do during the day. But sometimes its super easy to live life by “the list”. To busy away the days with cooking and cleaning and laundry, and all too often I forget to add things like ” Mediation” or “Bible Readings”. Its hard to stop doing those things when you feel like you have SO much that HAS to get done. TODAY. And for some reason in my little head I must think my clean house is more important that my daily readings. Or that i’m meant to have the tidiest house, the best meals and the cleanest clothes, and that its something that God requires of me.

But that’s just it, He has told me EXACTLY what he wants from me. And it never says a thing about the state of my carpet, or the shininess of my bathroom.

” He has shown you, O Man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God?”

That. That should be my focus. Because that IS what Gods requires. And don’t get me wrong, its awesome to have clean houses and good food cooking, but when it replaces what is REALLY important, it’s not. When I’m too busy cleaning or cooking to take time and pray, then I should have a messy house. Because I am more to God than what I have. And how it looks. Its me He wants. Not my “stuff”.

There is a beautiful example of this in luke 10 were Jesus is at Mary & Martha’s house. Martha’s busy. She is distracted. She has a “list”. She is there in the kitchen, cooking away, setting the table, moving all the laundry before the crowds come. She looks over at Mary, and she is just transfixed. In awe. At his feet. Seemly, doing nothing. Martha, laden with forks and plates, points this out. “Lord, she is not helping AT all, can’t she see my massive list of things, doesn’t she the state of the house. I’m all alone, doing it all”. And Jesus looks at her ” Martha, Martha, You’re trouble, and stressed, there is only one thing that is needed, she has chosen that.”

How often do we do that? How often do we just sit at His feet and read, or pray or listen to his words? How often does our LIST come before our Lord and His Father? And how often should it?

“Sharniie, Sharniie, Its YOU I want.”


New Little *Listing* Wife

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