Moving: Things no one tells you..

There are so many things people don’t tell you when you move, and to all those people that have ever moved long distances before, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about..

No one tells you that you will walk down the isle of the grocery store and stare. And then cry. Hoping to find something familiar, somethings that looks vaguely like something you know.

No one tells you that you will have days. Days were all you will want to do is walk to the Japanese restaurant in kirrawee shops, or drive down to Cronulla beach and walk along the esplanade.

No one says anything about the fact all your recipes won’t work, all the amounts will be wrong. And more to the point, you probably can’t find half the ingredients anyway!

No one tells you that you will keep a mental calendar of the days you have left. Or the days were all you can think it ” what in the wild world was I thinking?!”

But then..

No one tells you how proud of yourself you will be when you drive downtown by yourself and not get lost.

Or the mental high five you will give yourself when you know how to count the correct change in coins.

They don’t tell you about the feeling you get when something comes from home in your mail box.

No one tells you that you’ll feel like a champion when you do master those recipes.. And you’ll feel like you can speak another language when you master how to translate all those strange names for things.

No one says anything about the adventures you’ll have and the friends you’ll make.

Or the growing you, yourself, will do.


New Little *Now-Youve-been-told* Wife.

4 thoughts on “Moving: Things no one tells you..

  1. Kirrawee sushi train is calling you. Still haven’t been there without you. Maybe ill send you a sushi in the mail 😉


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