Something has happened.

I was hal asleep this morning while I was getting up and ready for the day. Going through the motions of making my tea and getting breakfast ready. I thought to myself, now would be a swell time to start the laundry.

Wrong, self. Wrong.

I put in the laundry detergent, which is home made and in a white bottle.. (Ill post the recipe of it later, its awesome!) And I grab.. well, meant to grab.. The vinegar bottle, which is also white. Top Tip: Vinegar helps clean things better and get rid of stains.


I put BLEACH in.


It was not until I smelt that smell that I realised what I had done. And that of course was halfway through the wash.

Luck it was a load of whites.

I have yet to asses the damage.

Dang it.

*Face Palm*


New Little *Oops* Wife

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