New Married Bliss

There seems to be a lot of young couples about to enter the martial state. First off, congrats to you all! Its a super exciting time in your life to be planning. And being married is simply the best. ever. So.

Here are some tips and things from an old married woman;)

1. You will be poor. (Most young married couples are!) Enjoy it. Enjoy trying to make a meal with half a cup of lentils, an apple and some mayonnaise. You’ll end up laughing, grow closer together and maybe broaden your cooking skills;)

2. It’s the two of you now.  You’ll have a bestie for life. Really. Its awesome to have someone with you all the time as you face life. Always remember you’re a team. Its the two of you against the world. Kinda romantic;)

3. Enjoy “Saturday Mornings”. There will always be dishes and laundry and things to do. Forget about it every once in a while and just chilli. Laugh. Snuggle. Cook a breakfast together. Turn off the world and tune into each other.

4. Grace and space. Sometimes its difficult to adjust to living with someone. So give grace and space. Its all a learning curve. And it always will be as you take on new things and challenges. Extend grace when they need it. And give them space to unwind, relax or just be.

And remember. Have fun. Its awesome being with the one you love!

Anyone else have any other tips?!


New Little *Old-Married* Wife 😉

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