Loving Jesus.

I love Jesus. I would happily do anything for him. And the more I study who he is and what he did the more I love him, and the more I WANT to serve him.

He is so kind. SO compassionate. So giving. He is loving. Yet he also stands for something, and those things are not up for grabs. He is merciful and forgiving. And most of all, He saves us! And when I think about him I think WOW. What an amazing Man. I would do anything for him. And then I read more about who he is, and I realised. I can. I can do ANYTHING for him. Right now. I know. You’re kinda like yeah. How? Well its this.

You see that lonely teenager at your church. The one who is left out, who doesn’t have many friends. The one who is super shy. That guy. He is Jesus. And when you help him. When you love him, you make him feel included and you become friends with him. You are doing that to JESUS.

You see that single father over there in the nursery of your church. The one who is tired, who is trying to do the best he can. The one who needs help. Help with babysitting. Help with shopping. Help him. And you are HELPING Jesus.

To the one at your church who is struggling with alcohol, or the one who is hasn’t been coming a lot. Or the couple that is struggling to keep it all together. Those people. All those people. They are Jesus.  And when you help them. When you love them. When you are kind, compassionate and forgiving to them. You are to Jesus. And Man. How he LOVES that. No, He ADORES that! How. How do I know this? Well. Cause the Bible tells me so.

Check out Matthew 25v 40. In this chapter we see Jesus talking to those at the judgment. And He tells the righteous that they fed him, they clothed him, they visited him. And they are shocked. “Jesus, Lord,” They say. “When? When did we see you? When did we have you at our house? I would remember, Lord!”

And his answer..

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, Whatever you did for one of the least on these brothers and sisters of mine, you did to me’.”

Wow. Let love each other. Lets serve each other. And Smile when we do. Because we know He is smiling too.

“Lord, May we always love, serve and be kind to each other, for we know when we do, we are doing it to you. Help us to cherish each other. To become more like you. May we see you soon, Lord Jesus. Amen”

New Little * Jesus-Loving* Wife

If you would like to know more about Jesus, about who He is and how much He love you, please email me on Facebook @ New Little Wife. I would LOVE to share Him with you!

If you want to, have a look at these verse too!

1 Corinthians 12 V 27 * Romans 10 V 4-5 * Galatians 3 V 27-28

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