Road Trip #1

Hello and a happy new year to you all.

Good grief. I can’t believe I’m saying that. Its the 22nd. Oops. Sorry. Its been a while. My wonderful parents were out here staying and I was having way to much fun to with them. While they were out we went on a few road trip, which were amazing! First one we did was up to Santa Barbra, Monterey, then all the way to Yosemite then home. It was AMAZING. If you ever come over here, first let me know so we can meet up, and then make sure you go and visit those places. Man. Just incredible.

At Santa Barabra it was nice and warm, we walked to jetty and and around town. And since I had not seen my mumma in a while there was plenty of long chats and cuppas 😉

Next we went to Monterey and saw the aquarium. That is a total must see. Man. It was so beautiful. And so many colourful and awesome animals. The Good Lord made stunning things didn’t He!! There were bright orange jellyfish and such fun little birds and penguins and all sorts! Plus some pretty speccy company..

A few day ( and a few little towns later) we arrived in Yosemite. And Gosh. What a creation. It is one of the most beautiful, most spectacular places on earth. I could spend weeks and weeks and weeks there just hiking around. Driving in on the roads looked like this…

photo-17 copy

As its winter right now everything was cold and icy, but it made it so pretty! Frozen solid waterfalls and icy lakes. Just stunning. And you can’t even comprehend how high the cliffs are and how steep. Its just crazy.

photo copy

Such a stunning place. And nice to see such awesome creation. And spend the first day of the new year out in it. I will say my new years resolution is to face my fears this year. And I’m proud. I have already achieved one. You see, out there in the national park, in all the wildlife, toilets are a rare sight. And the ones that are, are the type I HATE. Like. Really. I can’t stand those non flush, deep hole ones. But one can not hold for three days. So the first fear was faced on day one of 2015. Man. That was a side track. Back to adventures!

The whole place is utterly breathtaking. And so stunning just to walk around. These feet take me around some pretty awesome places..


After that we headed home. It was nice to head home, see the Hub and catch up on laundry.. And get ready for the next trip.. 😉



New Little *Travelling* Wife

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