New House Rules

Having spent most of this year as a housewife, I have come up with some new “Rules” which I feel like should be allowed for all house wives/mothers. If you have some more, please feel free to add them! These are mine:

Ironing/folding: If you are folding or ironing a laundry that is bigger than one load, you are entitled to watch a episode/movie of you choice. Or at the very least choose a good book to listen to while doing it. You are also allowed to save up laundry to make the required amount to do so;)

Washing up: The person that cooks does not do the washing up. Period.

Laundry: There is now a finders keepers rules for those who do the laundry. If you leave it in your pocket, it fair game.

Tea breaks: For every hour of chores worked, there is a ten minute tea break in which you are allowed an uninterrupted ten minutes to have tea/coffee. With a muffin or cookie of course;)

Pajamas: If you are not seeing anyone expect close family, and closer friends, staying in your P’Js the whole day is entirely acceptable. It also dose not imply that you have been unproductive. Just because you don’t change dosent mean you haven’t done anything. Infact, maybe you were too busy to change. Or maybe (like me) you just have really comfy pjs:)

Thanks to all the mothers/housewives out there for doing what they do. Every. Single. Day. You all do such amazing jobs!


New Little *House* Wife

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