A Year since I left the Homeland

Well, today it is officially a whole year since I got on that plane and moved to the USA. Kinda crazy. Its flown by. And in some ways I feel like its been three years. But in others only 3 months. I guess thats always the way though hey. There are a few things I have learnt in my year here. These are a few:

Chickpeas are Garbanzo bean. What the. I have no idea why. And it took me about 6 months to find them. Haha. Cilantro is coriander. And Bell Peppers are capsicum. Tomato sauce is NOT ketchup. And mayonnaise is.. something.. REALLY different. No one has ginger beer. And sadly chomps are a rare sight. Infact, there only sighting is when my mumma sends a package.. and sneaks some in;)

One does not say  ” Im going to take the rubbish out”. Its ” Imma take trash to the dumpster”. Nor do you say post. Its mail. ALWAYS mail. I had no idea you could get quick cook rice. Or pasta. Or oats. Or broccoli. Infact, you can get anything quick cook! You can get all your shopping done in target. Clothes, food, home goods, plants and even a TV. The same goes for costco. You could live in that place. Driving is scary, but you get used to it after a while. You just have to keep saying ” Tight right” repeatedly. EVERYTHING is open all the time. Walmart is a life saver at 2am. Don’t ask me how I know that;)

Clothes drying and clothes lines are non existent. And laundry mats are expensive.. but SO useful when you have a broken.. house. Authentic mexican food is amazing. And so cheap. I love buying limes here. 3lbs (1.3kgs) for $1. A woman who walks into Home Depot (Bunnings) alone Is ALWAYS helped about 10 times. Which is awesome. Cause generally I have NO idea what I’m looking for. And they clearly see that!

Its strange to be having a cold christmas. And wearing winter stuff in december. Although I have learnt summer never really ends here in San Diego. And it never rains. Ever. Unless I put laundry out to dry on my little clothes horse. Naturally. I should do that more, might end the drought! Haha.

Cooking is a nightmare. One cups is NOT 250mls but 237,  which is 8 oz, which is half a lb. It makes cooking with aussie cookbooks a math lesson. And that is my WORST subject. It also meant for a while we could have fed our WHOLE building with the amount of food I cooked. Ha.

People are super nice. Although most people can’t quite work out what Im saying. Which leads to a lot of staring, a lot of repeating and some really interesting questions.

Its been a fun, crazy year. And full of learning. Guess that never stops hey!

I’ve made it a year! Bring on the next!


New Little *Aussie-living-in-Cali* Wife

If you have ever moved countries, tell me some of the funny things you learnt, saw or had to get used to in the comment section below!

5 thoughts on “A Year since I left the Homeland

  1. It is pretty much the same thing in England sharns! Crisps are a packet of chips, post codes are so precise you can literally find a house. Shortening someone’s name is a no no… Haha trying to understand the irish and the northern people is almost not worth it. ‘You alright’ means hi not how are you no where sells fresh loose nuts, all the supermarkets sell clothes etc like america, and fish and chips are doused in salt and vinegar – chicken salt is non exsistent and they aren’t crunchy, they also pronounce scones as Skooones.. And they only sell thick rice cakes.. Haha- anyway I hope your well and going ok with a cold christmas… It’s super strange hay!! Love reading up on your adventures and miss you lots! Congrats for one year away from home Xxxx


  2. Hi Sharnie,
    Uncle David and Aunty Julie here,
    didn’t know the best way to send a ‘happy 21st birthday” message to you (Aunty Julie’s faithful diary on the kitchen bench has had your name in it all year!!) so i thought i would log in and catch up on your hilarious and lovely blog and say
    “happy 21st”
    God bless you both, we think of you both often, and you are in our prayers. mmwahh


  3. I understand so much of this my beautiful friend!! I think for the first time in a year and a half I said just yesterday that I needed to post something and the person I was speaking to looked at me like I wasn’t speaking English. Maybe we should go shopping for a winter jacket or two together and grab lunch sometime soon. From one Aussie to another much love in this confusing country.


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