Giving Thanks.

SO I had my very first Thanksgiving here, which was really nice. So nice to spend a day with family. And I was thinking of all the things I have to be thankful for and MAN. There are a lot. These Some of the things our little family is thankful for:

* Friends & Family. However near or far they may be.

*A warm and loving place to call home. * An non leaking roofs!*

* A county that has good hospitals.

*For viber, Skype and whats app. So I can see the first steps of my beautiful little niece!

* Planes and trains and cars.

*For enough clothes to keep us warm.

* A house always filled with love and laughter.

* For a hope.

* Cozy blankets and warm cups of tea.

* Answered prayers

* A Father that loves us way more than we could ever know or understand.

Giving thanks is so important, and so grounding. It makes us realised how lucky and blessed we are. It actually list all the things we have and are thankful for made me realise what I had been taking for granted, and just how much I have. I feel like I should do it every day. So that when things don’t see to be going so well, I can remember all the amazing things I have.

What are you thankful for?


New Little *Thankful* Wife

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