Seth Cooks Dinner

My lovely husband Seth cooked dinner the other day. Now, Seth is not, at this point, the worlds best cook. Although Im sure he will surprise us all one day and become brilliant. However, that wasn’t this particular day.

I was working all day that day and we had Church that night. And he was off. So I left him with a vegan chilli recipes he loves, all the ingredients and walked off to work. I came home to a very proud and little nervous husband who had cooked dinner. Just going to say right here It was super nice to come home to dinner done. Now I’m cooking all the time, I realise how awesome that feeling is!

So we sit down. And eat. And it was good, but oh my word that chilli was flaming’ hot. And I tried (I was told later it failed!) to continue eating with out coughing or crying, or even drinking several classes of water. I asked what he put in and he said all the same things and the right amounts and all. And at some point, I think after the 4th spoonful, I told him it was rather hot. He said his was fine. (Guess I was being whimpy!) He continued eating, I promptly gave up around spoonful 7 and we went off to Church.

Well the next morning while I was packing the leftover for lunch out came a confession! He walked into the kitchen, saw me packing it and told me it was super hot, that he KNEW it was way hotter than normal, but didn’t want to tell me and instead ate it without saying so! What a flee! Haha!

Oh well, I guess he has suffered very nicely with all my cooking mishaps. Gotta share it round I guess. Now to work on my ” My-mouth-is-on-fire-but-i-wont-let-it-show” face;)


New Little *Yay-for-husbands-cooking* Wife

P.S Ill post the recipe later this week. It is SUPER yummy. We eat it most weeks! Watch for it:)

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