Days turn into weeks..

Man, It has been a super fun past few weeks. A bit crazy and busy, but so fun. And certainly blessed!

We have had the lovely Matt and Ari staying with us! Which has been awesome. So nice to catch up with them, and nice to explore the beach! And find cute teas shops. And of course when you do, you just HAVE to stop and have tea;)


Its been crazy in other ways too! Work, and school, and church have been pretty full on. But its been so fun. And we have defiantly felt so much love showered on us in the past few weeks! With all this stuff happening it was nice that Seth and I got to have a nice sunset walk the other night.. Its was a beautiful november night down here is SD. And so good just to walk and chat!


Its amazing how days seem to fly at the moment.. And weeks turn into months. I feel like its all going so quick! Almost been a year since I moved to Cali and all this craziness began!

Wow. How quick does it go hey?!

Hope you guys have been having a good week!


New Little *Time-Is-Flying* Wife

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