Chia pudding

Wow. This week has been crazy. We have been super busy! And I have LOADS to catch you guys up on. We have the loverly Matt & Ari staying with us at the moment.. Which is super fun. (More on that later!)  We have also been working, school and today I have a terrible migraine. * BOO* But there has been a ton of fun stuff which I’m looking forward to posting about BUT today.. Im doing a recipe. Why? Because I have been obsessed with it for like the whole week.. and eaten it EVERY day. Sometimes twice. I know.

So here is is. Its super easy to make. And its vegan and GF and paleo and all that fun stuff.

Get 1 can of coconut cream. Or milk. If you do milk it will be thinner. The cream makes it.. creamy;) Put it in a glass bowl. Add 5 TBS of chia seeds to the coconut and whisk. And whisk it good. Ya wanna get right into that thing with the whisk. Mix it all up. Leave it in the fridge for a few hours.. about 3+.

It will form like a gel. The chia seeds with absorb the coconut and get fat. Mix it around again. And make sure it nice and together. Once it gel like and kinda together pull it out, top it with fruit. (I love doing frozen raspberries) and scoff the lot.

No but really. You will. Its divine.

I do love chia in gereral too. I add it to tons. Granola, smoothies, breads, everything. Its awesome. If you have any recipes you like that have chia, share them below! I love to hear them:) Let me know your thoughts! Happy chia making!


New Little *Chia-crazy* Wife

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