Dang Roach.

I have a serious problem. Like. Massive.

My house has a million little cockroaches. Everywhere.

And I HATE cockroaches. Like. HATE. Confession; Im actually pretty scared of them. Well, up to this point I have been. I have been know to call in backup many times to kill roaches. There is a funny story involving myself, a massive roach, a sink and a very small but mighty asian lady. Ill tell you that one sometime, but for now  the little devils have been driving me mad.

Anyway. So we have these things.. And have tried everything. I’m cleaning a million times, and putting down bates. I mean. I actually cleaned my kitchen three times a day for a while. Yes. Im going crazy. I read somewhere that eucalyptus oil kills them, and they don’t like it. So I smothered my house in it. We smelt like a rainforest for a month.. I liked it;)

And it worked. For a limited time only.

And you know what annoys me know about these things. They are brazen! And totally show off! I was sitting on my nice reading chair and one just totally strutted across the carpet, without a care that I was there. I’m convinced it even saw me. Little rat.

We found out actually the other day that there is a problem with them in the complex. Joy. Anyway, If anyone had any handy house tips of how to kill them.. Please let me know?!


New Little *Roach-Hating* Wife

2 thoughts on “Dang Roach.

  1. Bay Leaves!!! 🙂 scatter them everywhere. Apparently its a natural repellent . When I was at Di’s we had a similar thing happen and i put them in my room and wa-la they keeled over and it stopped them coming back. 🙂 Vaccuming helps too bc the reason they come back is they are attracted to where there friends have been! good luck! let me know how it goes! xxx


  2. We are having a pest inspection done right now! They might settle down when the weather gets cooler. Here’s hoping! Little blighters :/ Keep up with that Euc oil! If nothing else it smells nice and it’s antibacterial 🙂


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