Yes, I have an accent.

I work in smoothie store. And as soon as I say welcome people stare. Often I will go through my whole script only to have them say ” Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t get all that, can you please repeat it”. And I KNOW its because they were just laughing at the way I was saying it. Infact, Some people actually tell me that!  And that kinda makes me laugh.

So, of course a small conversation proceeds about my accent, where its from, why I moved here and so on. To which, there have been some hilarious comments. First of all though, I some times make people guess were is it from.

One parcitular woman thought for a few moments before she declared it was somewhere in Europe. I told her it actually wasn’t. She gave up. And I told her Australia. To which she responded. I KNEW IT! It was in Europe. Kindly I say to her that its Australia, Near New Zealand. Right down south. She nodded And told me that it was actually near England.

Sometimes, people who have guessed asked me were I lived in Australia. When I say sydney, They then proceed to tell me of a guy they know through a friend named Brian. And if I had ever met him.. Im not sure how many Brians there are in Sydney but I think its more than one 😉

One lovely woman complimented me on my english speaking skills. You speak english so well for just having moved here, she commented. I told her we also spoke in english in Australia. Which shocked her. I’m sure they speak a different language down there she replied.

There are so many funny little things people comment about, from if they have an accent to wether or not its safe to visit, since there are so many killing things there! (That in itself is a WHOLE other story!)

It always makes me laugh and think of home. Which always makes me smile.


New Little *Funny-Speaking* Wife

3 thoughts on “Yes, I have an accent.

  1. Wait a minute…Australia isn’t in Europe?? And you don’t know Brian?? Now you’ve got me all mixed up! 😉 Very funny posting Sharniie…sounds like you’ve got some entertaining stories! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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