Giveaway Winner!

I know, this should have gone up like 2 weeks ago! And I’m sorry. It been pretty busy round here. You know, I should stop saying that.. I should just say.. Life has been happening.. Because I feel like we are ALWAYS busy. And always running around with 50 million things to do and places to be and people coming and going.  So, Since life has been crazy, this didn’t go up. But now, here it is!

I must say, we were very uncreative with the way we chose the winner, and just stuck all the names in a hat and pulled one out! Haha. It worked tho;)

SO, the winner of the inspirational calendar is.. ( DRUM ROLL)

The beautiful ADRI WILSON! Congrats girl!

Let me know your contact details and ill send it right up to you Adri! Thanks everyone for entering! Its kinda fun to do a giveaway! I think ill do a few more:)

Just a reminder if you still want one we are still taking orders. Email me or facebook Jake himself to order!


New Little *Giveawaying* Wife

P.S Is giveawaying even a word?! Oh well, It is now;)

One thought on “Giveaway Winner!

  1. wohooooo! soo exciting! thanks guys! cant wait to get it!!! 🙂 and picking out if a hat is a perfectly fine way of choosing 😉 xxx


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