How to redeem dinner 101

I have learnt something I feel every wife needs to learn. And the quicker, the better. Its called how to redeem dinner 101. And just like always, there is a story behind this post.

Friday afternoon. It was lovely, and warm, and I was cooking away. Lentils. In a slow cooker, which I have never done. I poured in broth, and lentils and spices, and set it for an hour, and cleaned the house. Now since I had never cooked them this way before I made sure to check them a lot. And by the end of it they were still not quite done. So I put them on for longer. And then kinda.. Forgot.

By the time I came back these things were mush. And smelt terrible. And looked even worse. Now my lovely husband Seth is not the biggest lentil fan to start with.. And I knew that if I ever wanted to have even half a chance if ever cooking lentils again.. I had the ditch these ones. There was NO way he was eating these.

So I did. And I began searching through the cupboard for a new dinner. It was friday night, we go to the farmers markets on saturday so it meant that the house was barren. We had nothing.

At long last I found a Organic pasta packet mix pushed to the back of some random shelf and decided that would do it. I found some frozen chicken and thought that it would be fine. Fast forward cooking and defrosting and I ended up it a very chicken filled glob of pasta mush. Knowing full well that dinner would be an.. interesting.. event. I turned to other resources.

I moved the lounge and laid down my mediation mat. Got big pillows to sit on and lit some candles. I got nice wine glasses down and created a little indoor, romantic picnic on the floor. Next, I made sure I changed out of my lovely.. PJS ( Don’t judge ;). I made sure I looked nice.

Hoping that the candles were dim enough so that Seth couldn’t really see what he was eating.. I served up the mush. And waited..

He came in, As always, Smiling. And loving the picnic idea. And we sat. And ate. And it was a massive hit. It wasn’t until he walked to the trash can that he got a whiff of the lentils. And turned. And smiled.

And said ” That dinner was awesome”.



New Little *Dinner-Redeeming* Wife

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