I love our house. As soon as we walked in.. I loved it. The purple walls. And the funky kitchen.. the massive walk in closet was also a plus;)

However, its very white.. And Im kinda a “colourful” person.. So I’m trying to set about changing that! We do have grand plans to paint the rooms, however right now I’m doing little things. Like these hallway cupboard doors.

I looked at them one day and decided.. Its kinda lame looking. So out came some paint. And I painted it. Black. Now, I know I said I was colourful.. But its kinda cool black. Cause its one of those chalkboard black paints. (Its also the only paint I had when I felt this inspiration to paint 😉

It turned out pretty cool..


I love being able to write quotes and things on it.. And it looks way better.. Plus, Its super fun to draw on. Since this was an awesome success  I then took to the back of our bedroom door to convert it to another chalkboard door.. That one was less great.. I ran out of paint and it ended like this..


Seth came home. And laughed.


New Little *Painting* Wife

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