I love herbs. I use them daily. They are awesome. And unlike these strange american people.. I say the H. Its H-E-R-B people.

When we got our house, I was super excited to see it had a tinnnyyyy plot of land at the end of our little patio. I actually started planning out my herb garden before we even bought the house.

So when my loverly sister came to visit in August we planned and planted my little herb garden! It was her wedding present to me.. Awesome present huh! And they are even still alive.. Much to some peoples doubts;)

I love my garden. I water it.. Probably a little less than I should.. And tend to it. And I get such awesome, fresh herbs. As I was out there the other day.. I realised.

Me tending to my little herbs reminds me of God tending to us.

Each herb need special care. Some need extra sun, others shade. Some like a ton of water often, other little. And some like little bits all the time.  Each Herb is different with deferent needs. Each grows in different ways. Some grow up, others out.

People are like that, aren’t they? We are all so different. We all need different things and grow in different ways. And yet God take time to water each one of us the way we need. To tend and care for us EXACTLY how we need it best. And then gets SO excited when he sees us grow!

He kneels down, and looks at us.

” Oh little herb, You need some water” And gently he waters us.

” Oh my Little Herb, These weeds are choking you” And he softly pulls them out.

“Little herb, this may hurt a for a while.. But you will grow so big and strong” And he prunes back our little branches.

How amazing. How incredible. That such a big and mighty GOD take the time to tend and water me. To care about me.


New Little *Herb* Wife

“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered”

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