Its about time I mention my brother, Jake.

He’s kinda alright.. Haha, Kidding.. ( Love you Jake;) He such a cool guy, with so many awesome qualities.. One of these is his amazing talent for taking AWESOME photos. Like. Really good ones. Anyway, he is making a calendar for 2015 filled with his awesome shots & some inspirational quotes!! SO super exciting! Here is one small shot that he took a few weeks ago.. Just to give you a taste;)

PSALM 1 - light with text (1 of 1) copy

SO. Here are the details!

They are $20 each. (Which includes postage and handling) And will be available before Christmas.. (Which is awesome.. Cause then you can give them as presents!)

BUT there is only 100 being made.. So make sure you order quick! Let me know by email or comment if you would like one!

If you want to check out his photos go to J. A. Kirkwood Photography on Facebook or jak_photos on instagram.

And incase that wasn’t awesome enough.. Im going to be doing my first GIVEAWAY!

The winner will be picked by random on the October the 12th and receive a FREE copy of this awesome calendar! To enter simply comment below and tell me why you would love to have it!
Cant wait to see who the winner is!!


New Little * not-very-photography-minded-lucky-I-have-a-brother-who-is* Wife 😉

6 thoughts on “Calendars

  1. I am totally loving the blog *newlittlewife*. we are missing you over here in Aus and hearing all about your wonderful new life over in the US is the best!
    As for Jakes Calendars – who wouldnt want one! I have been following Jakes photos for a little while now and love having them pop up on facebook and my instagram feed – so why not have a calendar that I look at everyday displaying his stunning images?? I would love to win one!
    lots a love xoxox


  2. We would love to put one of Jake’s beautiful calendars in our home to remind our family of the power of our God and his intricately beautiful creation. What a sweet giveaway!


  3. Hi,It would be cool to own a Jake original Calendar as I really enjoy Calenders and turning the page over as the new month arrives and righting all my advents over the dates so I don’t forget to go to things.To also be reminded of Gods beautiful creation and to be encouraged with inspiring quotes would just make my day every day for a whole year.


  4. I would love to have one of your brother Jake’s calendars because I love to support people who follow their passions. I also love being reminded of God’s amazing creation…a true masterpiece!


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