Date Night.

HELLO. Gosh, I know. Its been a while. Sorry.

We have been super busy.. And also we ran out of internet at our house.. so this post is sponsored by Ryan Bros Coffee.. Thanks for the free wifi guys πŸ˜‰

Like most newly married couples we aren’t exactly rolling in it. Which is alright. Actually, kinda fun.

It like a challenge really.

When we were dating, we went on “date nights” and because we didn’t have to pay HOA fees, and car insurance, and house insurance, and food bills, and phone bills, and all that fun stuff.

We would happily trot off to dinner and a movie with desert and maybe even snack afterwards. (Yes. We love food)

However now when I look at that all I can’t help but think “that is the gas money for the month.. and then some”.

But we love our dates nights, and we wouldn’t trade them for the world.

So, we have adapted.
And come up with some pretty quirky and interesting date night ideas. We have camped in our own living room, complete with air bed and sleeping bags, we have had a candlelight dinner in my In-laws attic and even cleaned and ordered the kitchen, all under the theme “Date night”


So here is some of our list;

Goodwill finds

This is super fun! Pretty much, each person gets an amount of money (For us is like $2!) And off we trot to Good will were we have a competition. We can each get something for our $2.

Its has to be for the other person, working and useful. You don’t tell the person what you got until you are home. You would be surprised what you can get!

Midnight Car PicnicsΒ 

Pack a picnic from home. Jump in your car. Find a random spot thats kinda romantic and pretty. Snack and feast away.. And maybe have a sneaky pash;)

Lets get creative.

Use the night you would go out to work on your house. You can make snacks, chat and even through on some mood music.. All while you paint πŸ˜‰

Fort Building.

Im not kidding, build a fort in your living room. Its super fun. Once you’re done, make snacks and eat them in the fort.. Then tackle your spouse into the pillows πŸ˜‰

Market Mornings

We have this awesome farmers market near our house were we get our fresh produce, eggs, herbs, bread.. and everything else. Its awesome.

So sometimes our date night turns into a date morning.. and we have coffee and snacks at the markets while we stroll around.. Getting our food for the week..

You could even do a romantic sunrise before you go.. If you are willing to get up thatttttt early.

Which we haven’t done.


Cooking Classes.

Seth has not yet mastered the art of cooking. So one of our date night is cooking classes. Were I teach Seth how to cook.

I must warn you. It ends up in a massively messy kitchen.
And possibly a half cooked chicken.

But its fun. And bonding. And cheap. And it has food at the end… πŸ™‚

I think the main theme of date nights is about spending quality time together. And having fun.

Its so nice to have a big time together to chat and laugh.. And eat. I would love to hear you date night ideas!


New Little *Dating* Wife

2 thoughts on “Date Night.

  1. These are fantastic! You will look back on these first years with such fondness , life will get busier and you will go through different stages but never forget this fun you can have spending this time together. Try not to let the busyness of life interfere. Being creative is the key! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! God bless you both. Thank you for your positive example to the younger teens and to us older ones. πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Sharniie!!! I am really loving your blog. Every thing that happens is so fun and entertaining, and I enjoy hearing about what you are up to! Missing you lots xo πŸ™‚ verity


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