Headaches. Boo.

Headaches are the worst. You feel rotten. And tired. And achy. You’re all squinty eyed and pale looking. Im not going to even start on the effects of migraines. Lets just take a minute silence for all those thats suffers from them…


I have found a small, simple and nature cure that seems to help to dull headaches and even migraines. (Well, it does for me). And I was SO excited I wanted to share it with you!

And this is it.

Become a snorter.

NOT of cocaine. Or any other illegal drug.

But of Cayenne Pepper.

And Ill tell you how. When you are feeling headachy, and rotten. Put a few bits of cayenne pepper on the end of a toothpick and snort it up one nostril. I know, its super strange, But it seems to work! And its so easy and natural.

With this news, there does come a story. One particular day, I had said headache, and remembered this little trick. I got the pepper and put a small amount on a chopping board.

*Mistake one. Toothpick people, always a toothpick*

I snorted. At the same time I went to sneeze, and the pepper never made it out of the first bit of my noes. And there it burnt every small cell that my poor nose had. My one nostril felt like it was on fire. Im not joking. It was horrid. I sneezed. Finally. And some landed in my eye, were it burned also.

Needless to say after five minutes of washing and sneezing and rubbing and blowing and crying I finally had relief.

However, I still had my achy head because I was not going to attempt round 2.

Let me know if you have heard this before, have done it or your stories!


New Little *Snorting* Wife

P.S Snorting is kinda a fun word to say 😉

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