Tuesday Thoughts

As I was making dinner tonight I was thinking about life. Deep, I know. And while the music was playing and I was cutting my carrots something kinda hit me. And Its so simple.

God loves us.

With life being so busy and things always happening sometimes we forgot the simplicity of that. And we think about fear or guilt or works instead. And I don’t mean this to sounds childish. Maybe in a way I do, Because it really is that simple. And sometimes we forget the power, the depth and the strength of that love.  A “perfect love that casts out fear”. And when I think about God, One of the first things I remembered is that “God IS love”.

Todays message is just a simple one. Know that you are loved. Know that there is a God who knows you, and not only knows you but knows every hair on your head.  That cares and treasures and values you. That made you so “fearfully” and “wonderfully”.  And oh, how He loves us!

Lets thanks Him today, And every day, for such amazing, over abundant, undeserving love!

*New Little *Loved* Wife


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