Almonds. They are SO good. I mean, they’re crunchy and healthy and yum. Honestly, Divine. And I keep a small stash of them in my kitchen. All the time.

So when it was empty, I was a pretty sad. The next shopping trip we took to Trader Joe’s, While I walked around the isles I remembered the almond crisis and ran to grab a few bags. I stuck them into the cart, happy, and walked off.

We got all the shopping home, I started to unpacked and Seth left for work. I came across my almonds and went to get the glass jar I keep them in. Got it. Then promptly dropped it on the floor.

And it smashed. Into tiny. Little. Pieces.


It was cleaned up and chucked out. Then phone ran and the neighbour called. And the almonds were thrown into the back of the pantry. And left.

A few days later i’m perusing the isles at Sprouts when I notice almonds on an awesome sale!  Sweet, I think. I need need them, I have none. I go ahead and pour scoop after scoop into the bag. 

Home again, we go. And we unpack. And while unpacking, I reach into my pantry and pull out a bag of almonds. And another. And another.

Guys, I now have over 4 pounds of almonds at home on my bench. (For those that don’t know pounds, Thats almost 3 Kgs!) 

Now would be a swell time to offer up recipes containing large amount of almonds!

Please tell me in not the only one who has done this?!


New Little *Nutty* Wife

4 thoughts on “Almonds

  1. I don’t know if you like pesto, usually made with a leafy herb, like basil and pine nuts but you can use any leafy herb and walnuts or almonds, then you use olive oil and garlic. I put it into an ice cube tray and put it in the freezer, defrosts super quick. You can use it on pasta, or on chicken, spread as a condiment on a sandwich or it is yummy on a piece of toast with a poached egg on top. If you need a recipe I am sure I can find one in my pesto book.


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