Simple Bliss Balls

I love these babies, and I make them ALL the times! They are a perfect for a snack, when you are travelling and lunch boxes. 

Now, I know that there are like a million recipes on bliss balls.. but these ones are super simple, so easy to make, and you can edit and play around with the basic recipe. 

I dont measure it at all. I kinda just chuck it all in. 


Nuts. Any type will do. I usually use a mix of nuts.. Almond, pecans, cashews are the main ones.

Seeds. I use chia, flax and sunflower seeds mostly.

Dried apricots or Dried dates. I usually pick one thing. I have done both but make sure its a small amount of both because the dates can make it realllllyyy sweet!

Shredded Coconut


Put all the nuts in the blender, And blend until they are like flour. Put them in a big bowl. Add dried fruit and blend until mushy. Add to the bowl.  Wet your hands, and then start to mix and knead it all together. Make sure you do wet your hands, it makes it like a million times easier. Add the coconut and oats. If it becomes to dry then add a few squeezes of orange juice. Start making them into little balls. And ya done! 

I find the best place to keep the is the freezer. They stay together well and keep for ages.

Let me know how you all go!


*New Little *Bliss-Balled* Wife* 

2 thoughts on “Simple Bliss Balls

  1. Haha! Sorry about the hand washing.. Ill have to edit it 😉 I’m sure Seth is glad that it was not like Jael and Sisera!
    I will have to do that study, Sounds good! And its always exciting when you find new things.. well, new to you 😉 I have done it before with other people, and always found the coolest things! Still working through the gospels.. Ill let you know what I find!
    Glad you on here, thanks for stoping by!! Nice to hear from you guys!
    Love to all!


  2. hello lovebirds,
    just read the blog … very entertaining – although I didn’t see much about hand washing before all the blending of ingredients!! so much for all the training in sterile procedures at the surgery!! The episode of the green milk made me think of Jael and Sisera (and Seth was the Sisera!)… milk in a lordly dish, but a potentially violent ending by the sweet newlittlewife !, and the salty dinner made me think of Nehemiah… and maybe Seth should get a cup bearer to sample things first!!
    Anyway it seems that you two are going well which is great to hear.
    Just another thought re your red letter Bible study… have a look at the first words (chronologically) that are recorded in the gospels that Jesus said and then the last words he said before his death that is recorded… !I will let you fill in the details (PS that concept is interesting and fun to do with other Bible characters… i.e. “what is the first words that they are recorded as saying and how significant is it to a commentary on their lives” -egs; David, Abram…
    have to go, I don’t have the luxury of great wads of time but really wanted to say Hi and that I am in the loop following the blog…(I feel very tech savvy!!)
    love to you both as always,


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