Got Milk?

Before I got married I asked Seth for a vitamix (sadly Thermies aren’t available in the US!) And shortly after coming back from the land of Oz I got one. It was a very exciting day! And I love my vitamix. I use it like TWENTY times a day.. Ok. Maybe not that much.. but still, its a ton!

Anyway, I make SO many things in it.. Soups, smoothies, stock, flours. And one of the things I love to make in it is milk.

NOW, before I contuine, let me just say just this, I can’t eat dairy. So when I walk about making milk, its not a cow I’m milking ( or blending!) Its nuts or rice! 

So, one fine day Seth asked me ” Have we got milk?” We had a tinnnyyyy bit of rice milk left. Yep. I reply. And happily say that I will make more in the vitamix while he is at work. He uses the last bit, eats his cereal, kisses me and leave for work. And I set about cleaning, doing the laundry .. And maybe a tad of face booking;) 

Later that day I remember about the milk. Im so bored of just plain rice milk I think. Let me find another thing I can make into milk. So I google and search and find sunflower seeds!

Brilliant. Ill give it a try. In go the sunflower seeds, the water, vanilla essence and I blend. Once I finnish I put it in the container and stick it in the fridge.

WELL, the next morning Seth asks ” Did you make milk?’. Yep. I yell from the bedroom. He reaches in the fridges, pulls it out and yells back.

“Ummmm, Is it MENT to be green!?!” 

I come in and tell him that I thought I would try sunflower seed milk this time. He looks at it, a little unsure. Oh well He says. Ill give it a try! What a good sport. We pour it on our cereal, Pray and eat. *This time I did eat and didn’t ramble.. Altho, Maybe I should have!*

Well I have no idea what I did. It was AWFUL. It tasted like eating cups and cups of sunflower seeds! We could not taste ONE BIT of our breakfast. I looked up and saw Seth’s face. Tried hard not to laugh as I asked “what do you think?”

He response. I would be happy if you never made this again.

Rice milk wasn’t sounding too boring at that point!

If you have a better sunflower seed milk recipe I would love to hear it!


New Little *Milked-Out* Wife


2 thoughts on “Got Milk?

  1. I have been making this one recently and it’s so good! Ezra loves it 🙂 (it’s a quirky recipe of course 😉 )
    50g almonds, soaked 12 hrs
    50g sunflower seeds, soaked 10 hrs
    1L water
    1 tbsp coconut or macadamia oil
    pinch salt
    20g raw honey
    I thermie you blend for 2 mins then cook for 4 mins. But I reckon in vita you could just blend for a long time in high! Give it a go! (For Seth’s sake) 🙂 xxxx


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