New Arrival!

Seth & I are SO excited to announce that we have a new arrival to the family! Bub (Beelzebub)  Tunnell joined the family on Tuesday afternoon after we bought him from Kahoots.

He is the cutest little beta fish.. So colourful too! Such purples and reds! 

We are excited to have bought our first pet together as a married couple!

Hopefully I don’t kill him:/ 

The name is quite a story. My friend, Shilpa, And I went out to tea for the afternoon. After, we went to Kahoots, Were both our husbands work. And asked them to buy us fish.. fishes.. Fishs? Anyway. We both wanted fish.

We wanted to choose bible names, since we are both Christians. However, Fighting fish are know to be kinda.. intense. And they fight. A lot.

Well, Mine ran at the little glass cup it was in. And it looked kinda.. Devilish. Which then brought about the name of Beelzebub! Haha. We thought we would call it Bub for short;)

Its still cute tho!


New Little *Pet Owning* Wife

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