Well, We dropped these beautiful people off at LAX last night. We had such an awesome time with them. Although it went by wayyy to fast! While we will miss them millions it is awesome to have such nice memories, photos and fun times to look back on!  

While we were driving away, all teary and sad, I started thinking about home. About all the people there, the places I love to go and all the things I miss. And for a while, I was a bit home sick. I began to think about the concept of Home. And this is what I thought..

Home is a place were you feel safe. A place were you are surrounded by love. A place you feel peace. 

And a lot of the time a place we call home is more about the people there than the building, or the furniture or the food. (Although I do love my Mum’s dinners.. And vegemite;)

Its about the people who are around us, in our lives and in our hearts. Its about the love we give and receive.

Then it hit me! How blessed am I that I have not one but TWO places that I can feel this way about?!

Sometimes its easy to see what we miss, what we want and the negative things. And sometime we forget to look at the positives. The blessings we receive. And that are showered on us by such a loving Father. That even though I am on the other side of the world, I once again have be surrounded by family, friends, love and peace.

And it gets better..

Its such an awesome, happy thing to think that one day we won’t all be oceans apart. One day we will all be together. In THE most pure, loving, and peaceful home we could EVER think of. With the most Loving Father, and with his Loving Son, Jesus.

WOW. How blessed. 


New Little *Blessed* Wife

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. And we are so thankful to God that our little girl has a loving family (both natural and spiritual) close by. It helps a lot from a mother’s perspective! 🙂


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