I love my new house. However, I’m the only white girl in my whole block. Everyone else is Mexcian. They are such lovely people but I do I kinda stick out like.. well a white girl. Anyway, they all speak spanish. Me. I don’t speak a word. Not a word.

Well last week I was walking down to the little mexican market down the street from me. Its so cute. Sells the best spices and tortilla! But of course most people there don’t speak english. So I point. And nod. And smile.

Well, I walked in off the street and went looking for the avocados.

Then all of a sudden this explosion of spanish behind me. I couldn’t understand a word. So I kept shopping. It got closer. And closer. Until a hand tapped me on the shoulder. I turned and saw a mexican man and his son.

He asked me something. I did what I usually did. Nodded. Smiled. 

He pulled something out of his pocket. My phone. Oh. Must have dropped it.

He pointed and asked me. “You?”

Yes yes. Thats mine, Thank you so much! 

He stood there. And looked at me. He dosent know what I’m saying, I thought. I racked my brain trying to remember the word for thank you. Knowing it had something to do with animals, or feed or Grass.. OH! 

Gracias! I said. A bit louder than I meant. Excited I had thought of the word. My only spanish word!

Well I must have said it in such an aussie way. (Somewhat like an american trying to say G’day;)

He looked at me. And laughed. Actually, his son laughed so hard he had to leave the store! 

“You’re welcome” He says. In perfect english.

I go to the counter to pay. The woman there chuckles as she scans. And I laugh to myself. 

And think that its about time I sign up for spanish classes. 


New Little *Very White* Wife.



8 thoughts on “Hola.

  1. Oh Sharniie! This is pretty hilarious, one of those silly little language exchange moments! Haha-grass, yes that’s it…gracias! The best part is that he spoke perfect English back to you! 😉 Gotta love it, thanks for making me laugh! Keep your stories coming, puh-lease! 🙂


  2. I love this! We’ll have to tell you about Brad’s stab at Spanish in a supermarket in Panama sometime. So fun that you are blogging!!


  3. Lol! I love these stories already 🙂 Will’s dad is Spanish so i keep saying i should learn. Maybe its time i find a class for me 🙂


    • Yeah! Do! Would be great to teach the baby too! They say it’s better to learn young! Maybe if we both take classes we can quizz each other!! Haha! Can will speak it??


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