The Soup.

It has to be said. I love salt. 

I cover it on everything. Thick. Some people may think this is excessive. Me, not so. So when I was making my homemade stock in my slow cooker the other night, I decided i would make it extra salty. So I could put in only a small amount of stock each time I cooked.  Brilliant, I thought.

Well, several days passed. Then on tuesday night I became inspired to make carrot soup. I set about cutting and chopping and blending, and then remembered my lovely, home made stock. I whipped it out and poured it in. And went on. Rushing to finish so we could both eat when my husband came home. 

My lovely husband Seth came home and I set the table, poured the soup and sat down. We prayed and ate. Well, I didn’t, I went rambling about my day as I do most nights.. And he sat quietly sipping soup and nodding, very sweetly. 

I paused. And drew breath, ready to charge into the next sentence. When he said. “Honey, Try the soup.” I picked my spoon, dunked it in the soup, and ate.. and then proceeded to spit all over the table. It was awful. It based like pure salt, like drinking the dead sea. It was SO salty. 

“Seth, why didn’t you say something?!” 

His sweet reply. ” Well, I know you like salt, and I thought you knew.. So I just ate.. And thought.. Ill get used it it” Bless him. What a guy. 

The soup was ditched. The cereal and milk came out. And I smiled, Thanking God for my amazing man. (And for the cereal in the pantry!)


New Little *Salted* Wife.


4 thoughts on “The Soup.

  1. I just followed you. 😀

    Levi did this to us the other night on homemade potato chips he had made-literally had to wipe the salt off each one and even then I nearly gagged…:)

    You make a cute new little wife Sharniie!


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